Waitakere Writerss


By Marnie Weston

As the royal princess and heiress in the celestial house of Xanadu, Princess Destiny, is constantly pursued by those that wish to usurp her title, her aesthetic aspirations, and her future position. The persecutors resort to extremes of cruelty, and life-threatening aggression to incapacitate her and desecrate her benevolent, beauty and greatness.

It is dangerous to record mementos as soul destroying scavengers that rage with envy and bitterness invade it with overwhelming stress and danger.

However, within her personal, meditative solace she brings into the present …

In my treasure chest of personal dreams and memories I relive my cherished and secret rendezvous with my great, great protector who is also my great, great love, in my blissful ecstasy, my special magical, and my fun-loving glade.

 In our sheltered and encircled haven, in the deep sacred embrace of the Waitakere’s Totara. Kowhai, & Pohutukawa trees 

We enrich our divine invincible love with a revitalising, ceremonial feast of cacao, maple syrup, strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and grapes.

We share the deep intimate pure, heart to heart and soul to soul caress in the cleansing pool of exquisite, smooth, and sparkling-coloured crystals. We navigate and absorb the ripples of all kindness, all caring, all gentleness, and joyful humour.

In our majestic, passionate endowment, we jubilantly float and frolic in our ignited and interconnected ecstasy.

The uplifting, sweet, delightful aroma of the surrounding Freesias, Jasmine and Lavender interlace with the guava and sweet orange oil that rejuvenates our timeless glow of sweet, elevating purity,

We dance and sing with the tuis in the trees, until twilight when my great, great protector and great, great love must check in with the command center, if they knew what we were doing he would be killed!

One day my great, great protector and great, great love didn’t arrive. In agonising fear that he had been killed I frantically rushed to the command center for information. I was told that his wife of two years was giving birth to their child.

Oh, how overwhelmed with shock and brutal heartbreak, betrayal, and abandonment I felt. I could barely conceive the fact that he had done this to me. In my sudden devastation I thought that she had violently forced him and that he could never be so harrowingly cruel and selfish. He knew that the deepest, intimate, and most sacred parts of my heart, body, mind, and soul well and truly belonged to him.

I didn’t want him to die, but oh how I wanted there to be a severe penalty for what he had done to me.

Ultimately, I did not want to see him killed so it would be a secret I would take to the grave.

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