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By Marnie Weston

I was an innocent naïve girl with blind faith in the bishop. I had big dreams of setting up a business. I used to stink really bad and be told that I stink on a regular basis. So, I got into the habit of putting together scents that uplifted me with a soft and gentle warmth, combined with a fun-loving and peaceful confidence. I started using cold-pressed, organic essential oils and therefore, experiencing the vibrant and powerful, quality therapeutic rewards.  I thought I could make a healthy living out of this. I was going to do perfumes, deodorant, and moisturiser to start with and later add items such as therapeutic candles and resins in classy jewellery. I wanted to call my business Chanson D’amour, self-love natural scents. My first scents were going to be Infinite Passion, Infinite Joy, Infinite Peace, Infinite beauty, and Infinite Awe.

This despicable bishop decided that he wanted my business for himself and his wife and knew of my trauma and used it against me went out of his way to destroy my soul and wind me up to render me incapable of doing it myself.

He stirred everyone up, spreading lies and slander. I was betrayed, rejected and taken advantage of.  It left me in a state of overwhelming shock, helplessness, hopelessness with a lack of control over my aspirations. By the time this despicable bishop had finished with me my mind was in such a state of disarray and I was a shattered soul. The bishop taunting me, it was meant for the Island people in the church, not spoilt Pakeha, it is about time we evened up the odds. I lost my faith in everyone and everything! I started to think about it and was blown away by their stupidity and audacity thinking this would be acceptable in the eyes of God!

Slowly, I got my faith back in God, but not that church. I started to rebuild my life.  That’s when I decided I didn’t need a church like this in my life.  It is me who defines who I am and what I am, not delusional racist jealous criminals. I know how to be great; I know how to do great things, and I will be the great, great, phenomenal, superstar!

I decided I will do it anyway and to hell with anyone that gets in my way! I am the original, authentic, and inspirational creator. I decided to enhance it a little more by doing Herbal Academy’s perfumery course and a few little aromatherapy courses here and there. So, I can provide safe and healthy, vibrant, and powerful, quality therapeutic rewards while dazzling and enchanting our sense of aroma. I started to analyse the impact of nature’s vibrations, such as the joyful and peaceful native bird song and the cleansing purity of oxygen on the quality of supplier’s products. I have found that it all brings an added layer of nourishing joy and beauty to the soul.



By Marnie Weston

Our rabbits have been the vital essence and heartbeat of our beautiful, pristine, healthy ecosystem on our ancestral prairie. But, after the horrific storm last week that has wiped out their favourite green refreshments like clover and dandelion leaves they seem to have vanished.

The great patriarch has organised a quest for the farm crafters to search the mystical forest lands surrounding the prairie for any impressions of the rabbits. They have been instructed to carry bunches of carrots, kale, and cabbage to entice the rabbits back to the prairie. The first to discover any sign of a rabbit footprint is to play the magical tune of survival on the pan flutes, to alert the others where to unite into a team and track the rabbits.

The farm crafters spread out in three groups of two. When the first group of two enters part of the mystical forest two beautiful, majestic parrots land on each of the farm crafter’s shoulders. These parrots are attempting to eat the farm crafter’s jackets. There is a major fight between the beautiful, majestic parrots and the farm crafters and one of the parrots is badly injured. Oh, how regretful the farm crafter is that he flung the parrot so hard. As he is filled with remorse, he gently and lovingly picks the parrot up and takes it home to the ancestral prairie to nurture and nourish while it recovers.

When another group of two enters the mystical forest, the irresistible and bewitching flying squirrels smell the bait (the carrots, cabbage, and kale) that the farm crafters are carrying. The irresistible and bewitching squirrels become enraptured and come swarming out of the holes in the tree trunks and latch onto the bags containing the bait. There is a real exhausting tug of war between the squirrels and the farm crafters. After some time of being in a bewitched deadlock, the farm crafters decide to throw some of their bait as far as they can, so the squirrels fly after it and then they run like hell to get out of their enthralling turf.

The other group of two, after some time discovers rabbit footprints and can see the rabbits up ahead enthusiastically and energetically bouncing around the replenishing silver stream. They play the magical tune of survival and the other three come racing to their assistance. The farm crafters, using the carrots, play a game of fetch with the rabbits and safely and securely entice them back to the prairie. The farm crafters build hay mounds and play magical tunes to entertain to put the rabbits into a healing and rejuvenating ease with plenty of healthy, delicious and nutritious vegetables, so they can restore the vital essence of our beautiful, pristine, healthy ecosystem on our ancestral prairie.  


Fifty words: The inspirational genius of beauty and greatness from the Egyptian Goddess Malachite, creatively uplifts the heart with joy and music. Her music serves as a beacon and lamp of enlightenment to ignite wonderful symphonies of wisdom. Her joy serves as a cleansing purge to smite away the inelegance of negativity.

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