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By Murray Rutledge – impromptu writing 09.04.16

Oh crikey ... much valued possession ... maybe my brain because there is still so much to explore. Mankind is intent on exploring all the dead planets which will all pass away in the promise of a new heaven and a new earth ... but our brain, our intelligence, I'm sure, will be transportable with our new bodies.

The speed of light is 186000 miles per second, but the speed of thought, instantaneous.

The answer is 'yes', maybe I can read your thoughts and answer them before they are uttered. Taxi drivers do it all the time with mind­reading ... sit there, don't tell me where you are going ... delve into your mind to read your thoughts. Go the wrong way ... that works ... they will soon tell you!

Imagine all the speed of thought racing around the block. Our thoughts can do anything we want them to ... so we can have a thought race. It does not require fitness or ability ... just think, maybe a thinking referee to find which thought won the race. What category shall we have – speed thought, obstacle thought, backward or reverse thought, and my favourite, a no thought race? How long can you not think for?

I know we believe some people don't think at all ... well this can be an official race ... who can not think for the longest time!. What do you think?

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