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Clark James

Raised in the state house area of One Tree Hill, where much of Book Four of Wind From The West is set, Clark James has been writing and painting since school days. Book Three – Storm & Stress was written in 1963, with Neap Tide and Moon Over The Manukau following shortly after. The novels were put aside while Clark travelled the world, living for a time in London, then Brisbane, remarrying and settling in New Lynn, Auckland. The first three books were rewritten during the 90s and another three added to complete the saga. After attending a self-publishing seminar Clark decided to publish Moon Over The Manukau in Oct 2006. Due to demand six months later Neap Tide was released, followed by Storm & Stress and Waves On The Waitemata in 2008. Spring Tide was published Sept 2009, and the final book Setting Of The Sun in Sept 2010.

Clark James writes in the style of the 60s, when authors could create scenes without using offensive language: this ability being a selling point for young and old alike.

Clark decided to add colour to in-store promotions by painting scenes from the novels, and these have proved to be a magnet for buyers.

Clark's books can be purchased by contacking Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to Clark's website http://www.clarkjames.info and purchase online.

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