Waitakere Writerss

Kathryn ScottBorn in England, I emigrated to NZ in 1994 with my husband and baby daughter. We’d never been here before but wanted the chance to live in another country for a couple of years. Two years turned into 23 years, and we’re NZ citizens now! We love the summer climate, the space and the sense of security here. We now have two kiwi kids (grown up now) and three cats, and live in rural Henderson Valley.

I’ve done a lot of writing in the past, through my studies and have always enjoyed writing training materials and reports as part of my work in organisational development. This year I set myself a goal to develop my writing skills, especially in creative writing, so decided to join Waitakere Writers. It’s been a great safe environment to have a go and to learn from others. The different approaches we all take to the same topic are quite astonishing at times! I’m looking forward to continuing to extend my skills and building my writing confidence next year.

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