Waitakere Writerss

Margaret pye brighter picI was leaving the Thames Coast. At my farewell In 1997 I sang alone for the first time ever a ballad I had written about our ten year struggle to stop the reopening of the old Monowai goldmine. I was moving to Auckland and my folk music friends said “You must go to the Titirangi Folk Music Club”.
I went to a Friday night meeting where a small group of people sat in a circle and played or sang in turn. When the ‘round robin’ reached me I said, “Pass,” thinking if I come here again I’m going to do something. The next month I sang all thirty two verses of my ballad. For years following I usually turned up at Friday Club with a new song. I've written about a hundred songs since then.
In Auckland I also joined North West U3A and became a member of a creative writing group a new friend began to convene. With her I attended workshops run by Waitakere Writers. Bernard said, when I was enrolling for one, that it would cost me less if I paid a subscription to the Group and the member’s fee for the workshop.
I enjoy being a member of Waitakere Writers and really appreciate the motivation to keep writing. It feels good at this age to do something creative and to share my efforts. Because much of my writing is based on events in my life I am collating stories and songs inspired by them in a big ring binder I've mentally labelled “Glimpses of a Life”.
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