Waitakere Writerss

Denis GrovesDennis is a 1943 model, West Aucklander, who had not previously attempted any storytelling, until 2008 when he started his published e-novel Random Access Memoriam. The inspiration came when he considered that his planned retirement was only a year away and a novel might be a source of a few extra dollars to maintain the lifestyle. For some unknown reason, the subject matter became one of crime and the setting was to be in the local police station. As the story developed it became necessary to research what human bones might look like after being buried for 50 years. This in itself created doubts about the official police report regarding the murder of a female Japanese backpacker, whose body he had discovered hidden in an office building in 1998. He no longer believes that this woman was slain.

There are also short stories that have not been published.

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