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Susan Healy 2 24.3.14Ko Waitakere te pae maunga

Ko Te Whau te awa

Ko Aidan raua ko Mary Healy oku matua

When it comes to writing, I am not a natural. In senior secondary school, I studiously avoided subjects that involved essay writing. I took French, Latin, Maths and Chemistry instead. Fortunately, English was still compulsory.

However, my day of reckoning came. In my late thirties I embarked on an MA in Maori Studies; a thesis had to be written. In spite of an inner voice constantly telling me, “Susan, you can’t write,” I managed to complete a lengthy document. After that I decided that maybe I could write and since then have written various articles and a second thesis – all of a serious ilk.

In 2015, I joined the Waitakere Writers group. What fun that’s been! venturing into the imaginative, emotional, comical and even the versical. 

Outside Waitakere Writers I am producing another more serious work, Listening to the People of the Land: Christianity, Colonisation and the Need for Redemption, with contributions from a number of authors. In putting this book together I owe a debt of gratitude to our writers’ group: for help with developing a more conversational approach and being able to enjoy the unique style of each contribution.

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