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 November 12, 2022


The topic is: "The archaelolgist moved closer ..." 

And the 50-word piece is to include remedy, guardian, plunder sunshine.



October 8 2022


A 50 word paragraph including breath, strained, peppered, tenebrous, (which apparently means shadowy, or obscure.

A 500-700 word short story with subject: An imbroglio from which they
could not extricate themselves.


September 10, 2022

Matt will give a talk about on-line publishing.

 Homework this month will have a strict limit of 700 words.

The topic is A Small Event or Remark Can Spark a Big Response.

And the 50-word piece is to include prism, undulation, endure, spring.


August 13, 2022


A 50 word piece, using the words Japanese, repaired, malice and epicurean.

A 300 to 500 essay or story about The White Queen.

July 9, 2022

At this gathering we will resume the usual format with a 30 minute tea break and $4 koha.


A 50 word piece, using the words memento, realm, dance and philistine.

And write a poem with rhyme and meter, telling a story. It can be as long as you wish.


June 11, 2022


A 50 word piece, incorporating the words malachite, smite, genius and lamp.

The 500 word piece will be a slight variation on our usual theme, as suggested by Dick. The 500 word piece must link four concepts together, including: a rabbit foot, a forest, the colour green (or any literary variation of this, e.g. ‘verdure’), and either remorse or regret.


May 14, 2022


A 50 word paragraph including nascent, tumultuous, fruit, compel.

A short story  "A turning point in your life", fact or fiction, but preferably fact.


April 9, 2022


Four words for April meeting - moon, beneath, fireplace and yew.

500 word essay topic - "Don't Believe Everything You Hear".


March 12, 2022
The four words for a 50 word paragraph are - brainwave, flagon, quandary and tutorial.
Write a 500 word essay entitled "A Childhood Experience" or This Is My Superower".
Please note  for February and future meetings the following stipulations apply:-
i)   Everyone MUST VACCINATED - at least twice plus a booster.
III)  All attending members bring THEIR OWN flasks of tea/coffee etc.  There will be NO KITCHEN FACILITIES AVAILABLE - this rule is self-explanatory.
iv)  $4 koha will still apply but be paid session-by-session.



February 12, 2022


Write exactly 50 words using: uncontrollable, solace, theory, mentor.

And write a 500 word essay on the topic: "The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long."

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