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June 13, 2020

Write a 50 word paragraph including four words picked by Shirley: repent, sideboard, concerned, polarity

Here’s  a topic for 500 words, suggested by Susan: Emerging from the cave. That gives It gives people lots of room - to relate it to leaving Lockdown or many other scenarios. Have fun with the writing, and the new limited freedom.


May 11, 2020

I opened the dictionary and found 4 words for the 50 word paragraph - inflation, crawl, reclaim, torch.  

Feel free to write 500 words, inspired by any or all of Shirley’s brain teaser - there should be plenty of latitude there.



The solutions are all words ending in the syllable – ant.

A ruling ant = Dominant

An idle ant = Dormant

A bewitched ant = Enchant

A spicy ant = Fragrant

A consenting ant = Grant

A constant and = Incessant

A trivial ant = Insignificant

A fancy ant = Luxuriant

A dealer ant = Merchant

A warlike ant = Militant

A cool ant = Nonchalant

A performing ant = Pageant

A learned ant = Pedant

A sullen ant = Petulant

A polite ant = Pleasant

A pathetic ant = Poignant

A gravid ant = Pregnant

A stubborn ant = Recalcitrant

An out of work ant = Redundant

An associated ant = Relevant

A leftover ant = Remnant

A ringing ant = resonant

A still ant = Stagnant

A stooge ant = Sycophant

A winning ant = Triumphant

A for rent ant = Vacant

A homeless ant = Vagrant

A heroic ant = Valiant

A modified ant = Variant

A pulsing ant = Vibrant

A watching ant = Vigilant

An ant license = Warrant

A wandering ant = Errant 

A floating ant = Buoyant

A plentiful ant =

A hard ant =

A needy ant =

A noisy ant =

A graceful ant =

An enormous ant =

A shirking ant =

A waiting ant =

A disinfecting ant =

A servile ant = Servant

A vacillating ant =

A dunce like ant =

An ant on a lookout =

A light giving ant =

A sweet smelling ant =

A helpful ant =

An ant of consequence =

A wrathful ant =

A young ant =

A learned and precise ant =

An ambitious ant =

A coming-in ant =

A meagre ant =

An unceasing ant =

A residential ant =

A despotic ant =

A ticklish ant =

A journeying ant =

A joyous ant = Jubilant

A sloping ant =

A shining ant =

A brawling ant =

A web footed ant =

A hum bugging ant =

A singing ant =

A green ant =

A talkative ant =

A measuring ant =

A hanging ant =

A fighting ant =

An entreating ant =

A gasping ant =

A bestowing ant =

A pleasing ant = Pleasant

A faithful ant =

An installing ant =

A domestic ant = Servant

A growing ant =

A brave ant =


April 11, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including:  infantry, sentient, callous, swelter.

A short story up to 500 words, emphasising character:  "You stare into the mirror and it begins to talk".



March 14, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including: friendly, request, aware, thing.

A short story up to 500 words (preferably): In quarantine for 14 days.


February 8, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including confidential, halcyon, outskirts, super.

A short story up to 500 words (preferably): Travelling anywhere in the world.

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