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November 14, 2020

A 50 word paragraph including whimsical, countryside, shade, precipice.

A 500 word piece with theme, a nomadic journey through a desert.

Keep working on contributions for our anthology as they need to be submitted by February next year. Check for spelling errors or typos, grammar, recheck spelling.


October 10, 2020 - pandemic restrictions permitting

How to Get Your Writing Published, a presentation by Peter Dowling of Oratia Books. Open to public. $5 or koha.


September 12, 2020

Cancelled due to Alert Level 2 restrictions.         


August 8, 2020

A 50 word paragraph including chorus, genetic, narcotic, spacious.             

A short story describing a fellow passenger, fact or fiction. This is not a simple exercise in description, but must also involve some story concept. Remember, a short story has a beginning, middle, and end.


July 11, 2020

A 50 word paragraph including:  rage, dread, agitation, table.

A short story (500 words or less) with a least two characters, one who is hesitant when perplexed, and the other obstinate and promiscuous. There can be other characters involved, but concentrate on the conflicting reactions of these two.


June 13, 2020

Write a 50 word paragraph including: repent, sideboard, concerned, polarity

Here’s  a topic for 500 words, suggested by Susan: Emerging from the cave. That gives It gives people lots of room - to relate it to leaving Lockdown or many other scenarios. Have fun with the writing, and the new limited freedom.


May 11, 2020

A 50 word paragraph including: inflation, crawl, reclaim, torch.  

Feel free to write 500 words, inspired by any or all of Shirley’s brain teaser - there should be plenty of latitude there.



The solutions are all words ending in the syllable – ant.

A ruling ant = Dominant

An idle ant = Dormant

A bewitched ant = Enchant

A spicy ant = Fragrant

A consenting ant = Grant

A constant and = Incessant

A trivial ant = Insignificant

A fancy ant = Luxuriant

A dealer ant = Merchant

A warlike ant = Militant

A cool ant = Nonchalant

A performing ant = Pageant

A learned ant = Pedant

A sullen ant = Petulant

A polite ant = Pleasant

A pathetic ant = Poignant

A gravid ant = Pregnant

A stubborn ant = Recalcitrant

An out of work ant = Redundant

An associated ant = Relevant

A leftover ant = Remnant

A ringing ant = resonant

A still ant = Stagnant

A stooge ant = Sycophant

A winning ant = Triumphant

A for rent ant = Vacant

A homeless ant = Vagrant

A heroic ant = Valiant

A modified ant = Variant

A pulsing ant = Vibrant

A watching ant = Vigilant

An ant license = Warrant

A wandering ant = Errant 

A floating ant = Buoyant

A plentiful ant =

A hard ant =

A needy ant =

A noisy ant =

A graceful ant =

An enormous ant =

A shirking ant =

A waiting ant =

A disinfecting ant =

A servile ant = Servant

A vacillating ant =

A dunce like ant =

An ant on a lookout =

A light giving ant =

A sweet smelling ant =

A helpful ant =

An ant of consequence =

A wrathful ant =

A young ant =

A learned and precise ant =

An ambitious ant =

A coming-in ant =

A meagre ant =

An unceasing ant =

A residential ant =

A despotic ant =

A ticklish ant =

A journeying ant =

A joyous ant = Jubilant

A sloping ant =

A shining ant =

A brawling ant =

A web footed ant =

A hum bugging ant =

A singing ant =

A green ant =

A talkative ant =

A measuring ant =

A hanging ant =

A fighting ant =

An entreating ant =

A gasping ant =

A bestowing ant =

A pleasing ant = Pleasant

A faithful ant =

An installing ant =

A domestic ant = Servant

A growing ant =

A brave ant =


April 11, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including:  infantry, sentient, callous, swelter.

A short story up to 500 words, emphasising character:  "You stare into the mirror and it begins to talk".



March 14, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including: friendly, request, aware, thing.

A short story up to 500 words (preferably): In quarantine for 14 days.


February 8, 2020

Homework: A 50 word paragraph including confidential, halcyon, outskirts, super.

A short story up to 500 words (preferably): Travelling anywhere in the world.

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