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December 14, 2019

The final meeting for the year will be a social event with pass-the-parcel (thank you Rachel) and a Christmas song selection with Rosemary and Robin. It was suggested we all bring a wrapped gift costing less than $10 - suitable for either sex,  as a "secret Santa"  and if we can each find a 'clean' joke to share. Any other short stories or poems, songs, or dances can be included for entertainment. Please bring a small plate of finger food.

November 9, 2019

Homework: Choose any 4 words containing the letter 'x' and incorporate them into a 50 word paragraph.   500 word short story - "It has (or had) come to this ..."

October 19, 2019

Homework: A  50 word paragraph including necklace, consent, sweet, opus, and a short story up to 500 words "Why the giant wishes he was small."

September 14, 2019

Homework   50 word paragraph including mouse, blood, plants, banana,   
and a short story up to 500 words  "Whatever happened to the money ..."

August 10, 2019

There is no homework for August, but feel free to write something for yourself. The meeting will commence as usual at 1.30pm for members to have a quick meeting, and be given homework for September, then John Carr (author, poet, children's presenter) will give a presentation from 2pm. This will be open to public and there will be $5 door koha for everyone. Please bring a small plate of finger food for afternoon tea.

 July 13, 2019

Homework: A 50 word piece including neutron, buck, trappings, hobo, and a short story up to 500 words about Going back in time and - fact or fiction.


June 8, 2019


50 words including juvenile, dismiss, pontoon, dynamite.

500 words about An achievement I am proud of is …


May 11, 2019


  50 word paragraph (try to make it exactly 50 words) including economical, waver, debonair, transgress.

A short story up to 500 words with the theme  "Cutting through" This can be cutting through words, worlds, relationships, neighbour's back yard. This is also the theme for the Going West  Festival, and for the combined writing groups' anthology project. In that context, you may want to produce a short story up to about 1500 words and read a ;piece of it at the meeting, or you may decide to tacklke the theme in a poem, that fits the parameters of the project.


April 13, 2019


 50 word paragraph including knit, drool, indexation, desiccated.

 A short story up to 500 words:  fact or fiction, "extract from a memoir" -  this is open to many 
interpretations, so do your best.

March 9, 2019


 50 word paragraph including the words bulletin, 
flake, pour, shortly.

A short story up to 500 words, A day in the life of a cat - from 
the perspective of the cat.


February 9, 2019


 50 word paragraph including fortunate, fame, radius, telephone.

 A short story up to 500 words:  It was a day to remember.    

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