Waitakere Writerss

Meeting 10 November 2018


50 word paragraph including   pretence, lint, donation, pride 

A short story up to 500 words (shorter is fine) on 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.


Meeting 13 October 2018


A 50 word paragraph including pedal, edge, triangulate, obedient.

Write a sonnet

A sonnet consists of 14 lines of verse, with a particular rhythm and rhyme. The rhyme can vary, but the rhythm always has 5 beats to each line. It helps to get the rhythm set in your head first, before even thinking of words to fit. ie. de-dum, de-dum, de-dum, de-dum, de-dum     weak/strong, weak/strong, weak/strong, weak/strong, weak/ strong.

eg.  While sea-birds lift their heads up to the sun,

        The water laps increasing  round their feet.

         When tidal flow dictates what must be done,

         They take the chance to forage and to eat.

That is the rhythm, (and I'm not going to highlight the remainder of the sonnet) The line endings in the above case is a/b/a/b.  The next four lines end c/d/c/d, last four lines e/f/e/f, and the last two lines, g/g. These last two should sum up the poem.

Alternative rhymes can be a/a, b/b, c/c, d/d, e/e, f/f, g/g.  The content generally relates to a person (most of Shakespeare's sonnets) place, event, or something in nature. 


Meeting 8 September 2018


Short story: A memorable Meal - fact or fiction (up to 500 words).     

50-word paragraph including formation, react, intake, tarnish.


Meeting 11 August 2018


A 50-word paragraph including livery, loafer, palaeozoic, realignment. Try and make it exactly 50 words. 

A short story up to 500 words - your own fairy tale based on a picture of a damsel lying in the 'arms' of a wolf, and as it is a fairy tale, there should be a moral to the story!.


Meeting 14 July 2018


The homework is to write a simple narrative poem consisting of 5-10
verses, each of 4-6 lines. 'Jabberwock' (invent) the words as much as
you can without losing the thread of your poem.  Perhaps base the poem
on an incident, accident, expedition, fight, or feast, or something else
entirely - its up to you - not only to write the poem, but also then
re-write it with a lot of made-up words as per Lewis Carroll.

Meeting 14 April 2018


A 50-word paragraph including limpet, multiply, xenophobia, prudent (try and make it exactly 50 words). 

A short story up to 500 words about a moment of discovery.

Meeting 10 March 2018


A 50 word paragraph including  company, jail, psalm, spotlight. 

A short story up to 500 words based on a quote from Stendhal, a 19th century French writer  - "A novel is a mirror carried along a main road." Make of that what you will.


Meeting 10 February 2018


A 50 word paragraph including figurine, nausea, resurrect, pathology.

A 500 word story about family life, fact or fiction.


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