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Waitakere Writers Meetings 2016


Meeting 12 November 2016

Write a piece of up to 500 works on "a description of, or response to, a favourite place"

Write a paragraph of 50 words including influx, snooker, bayonet, falcon


Meeting 10 September 2016


Write a paragraph of 50 words including provisional, study, consideration, hanky panky 


Read the poem Lochinvar by Sir Walter Scott (available on Google) then-

Write a piece between 300 and 500 words starting with the following sentence-(or one in similar vein)

The door flung open and there stood Lochinvar.

Choose one of the following people from the poem and write your piece from their point of view.

The father of the bride(Ellen)

The mother of the bride

The groom.

One of the groomsmen.

One of the bridesmaids.

A close friend of the family.

Someone else you consider relevant.

Your piece should finish with horse and its two escapees galloping away.

The poem gives the thread of the story in an exciting and racy fashion but is short on description and emotion.  Your task is to enlarge and develop the story with descriptive and emotive prose that brings out personal feelings about the whole episode from the point of view of your chosen character. As a part of this you may like to describe Lochinvar as he first appears and the effect he has not only on yourself but on the other guests and Ellen and the groom. You can tell what happens but should also tell about the reactions of the various people as the story unfolds. You should go as far as possible into the feelings of the person you have chosen to tell the story. For example Ellen’s mother and father will both feel dismayed, angry and shocked but may do so in quite different ways. The groomsmen may well feel quite differently to the bridesmaids. Be the person and tell what is happening but also how you feel about it and why. If you are the groom (a dastard in war and a laggard in love) you will probably run a whole gamut of emotions from anger to dismay to terror. So, in summary, in your own words you relate the events that took place over some ten to fifteen minutes but you lace this fully with your own emotions and descriptions of the impact you see the events having on the emotions and actions of others.


Meeting 13 August 2016


Short story of up to 500 words  "You won't believe I saw this ..."  fact or fiction    

Write a paragraph of 50 words including croupier, macro, stilted, casualty



Meeting 9 July 2016


Short story of up to 500 words on "If I could change one thing ..."   

Write a paragraph of 50 words including evidence, skip, pour, organic


Meeting 11 June 2016


Piece of writing of up to 500 words on "Who cares about Planet Earth?"

Write a piece of 50 words including death, pattern, ensign, subsume


Meeting 14 May 2016


Short story of up to 500 words about a skeleton in the cupboard (fact or fiction)
Write a piece of 50 words including huntsman, revile,, night,  cajole


Meeting 9 April 2016


Short story of up to 500 words: Child's memory of Easter
Write a piece of 50 words (hopefully no more, no less) including onshore, brought,   torture,  dramatic.



Meeting Saturday 12 March 2016


Prepare a factual Profile of yourself (up to 250 words). The profile is to be like a brief autobiography related to your writing. It should emphasise your interest and experience in writing, and any particular facts from your life that have influenced your writing. It can be written in the first or third person.
Go to http://waitakerewriters.co.nz/members for examples of what others have done. 

Write a piece of 50 words including mixture, fame, rumble, squalid.



Meeting 13 February 2016

The homework for February 13th is  "What is, or was, your New Year's resolution?" or as it was originally suggested to the committee, "What would you like to accomplish during the year?" This is a short work up to 500 words.





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