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Moon over the ManukauWIND FROM THE WEST is a six generation fictional family's 20th century journey. A saga of enterprise and travel, romance and compassion, and generosity: placing characters into actual social and sporting events.

Book One - Moon Over The Manukau (1900-1918)

Moon Over The Manukau commences on the stroke of 1900 with the engagement of Ben and Priscilla at a rural party. They are pioneer farmers, with Ben hewing a new farm from rugged land with axe and slasher.

Milking cows, making cheese and butter is a dawn to dusk job for his older sister Jane. Younger sister Alison prefers to spend her time with scrub cutters. Without power or telephone Pollok is a pioneering community.

The family do make sorties to Auckland, where behind her glamorous façade Priscilla’s sister Emily is learning her husband’s affairs: business and love. One glamorous occasion is the opening of His Majesty’s Theatre in 1902, where Alison gets a taste of ‘nightlife’. Taught to swim by a Maori friend Annabelle Alison rescues a sailor at their valley’s gap.

Disasters and deaths change their lives. During World War 1, widowed and wealthy Emily turns her Parnell mansion into a convalescing home for soldiers. The novel ends during the influenza epidemic of 1918.

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