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Spring Tide by Clark JamesWIND FROM THE WEST is a six generation fictional family's 20th century journey. A saga of enterprise and travel, romance and compassion, and generosity: placing characters into actual social and sporting events.


Book Five - Spring Tide (1970-1978)

Despite prosperous times the past taps the family on the shoulder; reminder that some people resent their success. On the ridge above Auckland’s CBD they build the Statesman, a sixteen-storey five-star hotel; its opening almost overshadowed by an abduction.

Taking advantage of business failures they purchase hotels, motels in New Zealand and abroad, two draperies and six ladies’ wear shops, while Kowhai expands its boundaries as farms merge.

On the racing scene Dianne and Richard are now regular winners, and their daughter intends to change her role from being a trainer to a jockey, despite male opposition.

The family’s compassion extends to assisting the most unlikely individuals, such as Milly’s previously unknown sister-in-law, Penny’s love and care for a friend’s anorexic daughter, and a hint of what is to come when Milly’s daughter Debbie feeds a street kid.

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