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Waves on the WaitemataWIND FROM THE WEST is a six generation fictional family's 20th century journey. A saga of enterprise and travel, romance and compassion, and generosity: placing characters into actual social and sporting events.


Book Four – Waves On The Waitemata (1951-1960)

Commencing at the same moment as Storm & Stress the setting moves to the lee of One Tree Hill, dropping in on city families, revealing how teenagers Moana, Emiline and Gerald work their way into Emily’s empire, while Bronwyn takes on male-dominated long-distance running.

The rural saga then continues from where Storm & Stress left off. Milly and Dianne make life-changing decisions. Alice and three girls voyage to smog-shrouded post-war London, where the girls begin respective careers in singing, design and fashion.

Not all the family live in harmony: a wayward son and the pairing of siblings causes a double tragedy, leaving a childless widow.

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