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Storm and StressWIND FROM THE WEST is a six generation fictional family's 20th century journey. A saga of enterprise and travel, romance and compassion, and generosity: placing characters into actual social and sporting events.

Book Three - Storm & Stress (1951-1953)

Eighteen years have passed, and during the winter of ’51 the Chesters of Kowhai employ a maid initially to cater for glamorous Dianne’s 21st. This is Milly, a wretched girl, who unwittingly releases the closet of skeletons Alice has kept from her children. This third book is pivotal: all that has happened before and most to come hinges on events in Storm & Stress.

The book is centred on the Pollok and Waiuku characters, with a host of events compacted into a short time frame. As the name implies Storm & Stressis the most dramatic of the novels, highlighting the feminine stigmas of the 50s as well as the fun of girls making their own dresses for Saturday’s dance, while boys tinkered with their motors.

Emergence of characters as singers, middle distance runners and an artist, while Emily employs two great-nieces to welcome Ambassador’s guests. As manual farm labour is replaced by machinery ageing Emily offers new occupations to the valley’s youth, much to Milly’s despair.

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