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Neap TideWIND FROM THE WEST is a six generation fictional family's 20th century journey. A saga of enterprise and travel, romance and compassion, and generosity: placing characters into actual social and sporting events.

Book Two - Neap Tide (1924-1933)

Ferocious weather in 1924 brings identical twenty-year-old twins Alice and Eileen into the valley. One makes herself at home. Their arrival prompts Ben Chester to take up Emily’s city offer. Flapper Penny and her brother Stanley learn the harsh lesson of injudicious land clearance. Pollok is still without power, but this does not prevent local dances being a load of fun.

During union unrest of 1925 five farm girls help Emily at Fairprice Fabrics and Ambassador Hotel, where later Penny is enticed to work permanently, and is sumptuously wined, dined and taken to the theatre.

The glamorous 20s collapse into the austere 30s. Three of the family are caught in the 1931 Napier earthquake. Only by astute management does Emily survive the financial crisis and give her family a helping hand. A triple tragedy causes the family to wipe Alice’s slate clean.

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