Waitakere Writerss

We are a diverse group of men and women from different backgrounds, cultures and age groups. We meet once a month from February to December to share and learn the varying aspects of the writing craft.

Some of our members are or have been professional writers, some are only beginning the exciting journey of writing and others prefer writing as a hobby.

You may be new to this craft or experienced and needing a refresher course or further encouragement. Writing expertise is not a prerequisite – just enthusiasm and a willingness to share ideas and learn.


Writing exercises are undertaken during the meetings, and homework on a particular subject or theme is given to complete during the month. Although it’s not compulsory, your work may be presented at the next meeting for feedback, criticism and advice. By either reading to the group for feedback and/or copies of work can be exchanged amongst members for further in-depth comment outside of the meeting time. Many members help edit work.


We also schedule Lectures and Seminars from experienced speakers on a variety of topics such as: plot building, editing, researching and proof reading and other “how to” subjects.

Workshops are held and sometimes exercises given to complete in your own time. Further examples of a writing task undertaken and topics for discussion are:

• Completing assignments based on word counts, specific subject matter to improve your own skills and discipline.

• Learning from experts through regular guest speakers and seminars on creative writing.

• How to publish your work individually, or as part of an anthology.

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